Thursday, 5 February 2009

Cossack Cavalry Models

As we move nearer to the back of beyond campaign, my thoughts have turned quickly to finishing stuff off so that uninterrupted gaming can begin.
Projects on the blocks at the moment are finishing off a chinese fortified town, walls gate hose and some adobe buildings to do, completion of the White Russian Army, 12 more cossacks, one heavy machine gun and a field gun, the completion of a chinese army with mounted generals, 20 red spears, 10 more dare to dies and some armoured cars and baggage.
I completed these Cossacks tonight and am quite pleased if not with the photo's the actual 'in the flesh' finish. This first group was done when trying to get more definition in my flesh:

I then had a crack at these and attempted to paint them as Don Cossacks from the Osprey book.
I think I managed to achieve better flesh and overall definition with these: