Tuesday 2 October 2007

What am I doing here

Well to be honest I really don't know.
After spending some time away from work on long term leave I rediscovered my passion for War gaming and painting miniature figures. I got Kevin Dallimore's book about 3 stage painting and became hooked on painting armies and figures and developing a painting style.
I also began to annoy those close to me (the wife and kids) by showing and talking about the hobby all the time. So after another 'you are obsessed' with this discussion I joined the Lead Adventure Forum to talk to like minded people who have a passion for the hobby. Unfortunately this made it worse so now instead of talking incessantly about it at home I am going to do this blog and see where it goes.
I hope to narrate my journey through painting my miniatures and to see some improvement in my style and the results. To post photo's and commentary on what I'm currently doing.Eventually I will put up battle reports for the games I've played and photo's of the battlefields used and things regarding the gamed periods that I have found interesting.
Maybe you'll like it maybe you won't but it's my space...