Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Just found some more figures I painted at the beginning of the year.

They are the two white renegades Yuri and Sergei Ramanov both mounted and dismounted.

Followed by Lord Peter Bromhead British attache to the Back of Beyond. He has a rolling brief and gets into many scrapes. An expert shot but is he popular?

Old Glory figures from the Hunting Party packs in the cowboy wars range adapted for the great game in the Back of Beyond.

Found these very hard to paint but generally happy.


BigLee said...

I like these. Nice work. I especially like the Lord Bromhead model... think I might take another look at Old Glory.

Dodge said...

Lee - these models are very characterful, but I found them hard to paint, the faces on some are tricksey. Also if you are ordering from US watch the vat and handling charges imposed by our govt, anything over £18 in value including the postage could be caught as they are having a clamp down